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Private Car Hire with Driver

Travel in Comfort and Safety.

8Rental Company provides a minibus rental with driver. A professional driver with many years of experience will take you to any corner of the city. All chauffeur cars are equipped to the highest standard which allows you to enjoy your ride. comfort on the road


Comfortable seats, climate control, audio system safety on your travel


Professional drivers with years of experience reliability on the road


Travel only in the most reliable cars of the world

Our fleet offers only top BRANDS CARS

Safety and Comfort on the road.

Our fleet offers only top brand minibuses. Comfort, Safety and Quality - this is what has made these vehicles the best in their classes.


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"Fantastic experience. Rented a bus and driver for a day. The driver was very nice, professional and also flexible when our destination slightly changed. The bus was comfortable ..."

Emily Rae

rate 4.2 / 5

"My good friend has recommended me 8rental company and I discussed with them our situation. I asked them many questions about the trip and every time had received a calm and detailed answer..."

Ronald Gray

rate 8.1 / 5

"Me and my buddies rented a minivan for my stag party - trip. We got a nice ride and an experienced driver who took us to the best parts of the city..."

M. Poole

rate 5.0 / 5

"I had a great journey with 8rental mini van. The driver and the staf are very helpful during our trip in finland. Thank you.. i will use the service again, next time for another trip ..."

Tina Emilia

rate 4.9 / 5

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Poland is an exciting and original country. Its culture, history, and attractions draw on the attention of tourists from all over the world. One of its pearls is Lodz, an ancient city, whose history dates back to the 14th century. Many architectural buildings are represented in the Baroque style with abundant decoration of interiors, facades of buildings and using plant motifs. Separate blocks of the city and houses, surrounded by green parks, form an architectural complex in modern style. Rapid economic growth in Europe in the 19th century was reflected in Poland, and it was this time that marked the beginning of the dynamic development of Lodz, which is rightfully considered the cradle of the country's culture. The population of the city is about 800 thousand people; it is located a hundred kilometers from Warsaw, the capital of Poland. Today it is a famous tourist center, where travelers from all over the world dream to be for great traveling, as there are many sights, beautiful buildings, unusual architecture, beautiful places of nature and cozy, friendly atmosphere.

Traveling in Lodz is much more comfortable and safer with this company for renting comfortable and reliable cars for whole city moving. Each can book one of them by using the site where the client can find photos of vehicles and all the amenities that are proposed. Also, the site allows each client to hire good drivers who are had been working in this service for many years.Rent a Car with Driver in Lodz photo city 89

Voyage in Lodz - hire a reliable vehicle at a high-level company

To be able to see all the beauty and grandeur of this beautiful city, it is worthwhile to hire a car with a driver for a quick and productive journey through Lodz. This city will reveal many unforgettable places during a trip in a rented car with a professional driver. No one will regret choosing this service for an excursion to this beautiful Polish city.

Rented vehicle - gorgeous Lodz

Booking a good car in this service is very easy and quite simple. The company's website has all the necessary information for tourists who are going to visit this magnificent place. Here, customers choose cars and immediately reserve the option they like. The service cars are in excellent condition due to the conscientiousness of the working staff, so a trip to such a vehicle will bring a lot of pleasure and comfort.

Driver service for every Lodz visitor

Tourists can order not just a car, but a car rental service with a driver who quickly and without problems will take tourists to any landmark or street. All drivers work flawlessly and are always ready to provide each passenger with quality service during the tour all over the Polish city. They are courteous, responsive, punctual, conscientious and very reliable when it comes to working. The service operates around the clock online, and customers can order services at any time. 


Our customer service operator will send you a message with an acceptable price for your trip via email

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