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The Benefits of Hiring a Bus in Dublin

bus hire in Dublin - reliable

Bus hire in Dublin

Traveling with a big group of people in Dublin? Bus rental service in Dublin is the most comfortable solution for traveling together comfortably and enjoying your trip. Having a private bus with you can visit planned places in Dublin, your tailor-made itinerary.

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Large fleet of Buses

Discover the perfect bus to accommodate your group with luaggage from our extensive fleet. We offer buses of various sizes, equipped with modern amenities for your comfort. Whether it's a small gathering or a large event, our fleet is ready to provide a seamless and enjoyable journey.

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Safety and Reliability

Our bus drivers are experienced drivers that will guarantee your safety, and our modern buses are reliable and well-furnished to maximum comfort. Book your bus rental with us today and tour around Dublin in comfort and safety.

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Charter Bus hire in Dublin

Being inside one of the service’s buses every tourist can feel a high level of service, safety, and comfort. Here travelers can not only listen to music, watch TV on a bus rental in Dublin, which makes traveling with this service even better and more comfortable. Its employees took care of everything necessary for a better trip for all clients.Coach hire in Dublin with chauffeur photo city 90

Coach hire in Dublin for a perfect journey

Each of the buses is very spacious, and it is comfortable and cozy inside the cabin that allows to travel and relax at the same time. Each one was equipped with a lot of amenities, which guarantees 100% comfort for all passengers. Renting a bus for 65 people in this service each can feel confident and safe because behind the wheel of each of them is a good, conscientious driver, whose goal is to provide every passenger the best journey in his life.

What to see using Charter bus hire?

Dublin is the capital of Ireland and one of the oldest cities in the country, having the status of a city-county located in the place where the Liffey River flows into the Dublin Bay. Fascinating ancient history and a large number of breathtaking sites attract travelers from all over the world. Dublin is the cultural center of the country. It gave the world a lot of literary talent. The world’s famous writers were born here, such as William Butler, Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde, etc. Dublin is attractive because it does not look like the main cities of other European countries. It has a slight provincial charm. At the old streets, each can often see red-haired revelers coming out with friends from bars, what is why tourists being at the Irish capital do not miss the opportunity to visit one of the famous Dublin pubs to relax and order a pair of dark Guinness beers. The main attraction of this city is St. Patrick's Cathedral, which can be seen in the central square. Once on this site St. Patrick performed baptismal rituals, residents gathered here to pray and sanctify the icons. Among the exciting and noteworthy places, it is also worth highlighting the area of Fifteen acres, Eli Place, Marriot Square and Fitzwilliam-Skwe, on which many commemorative obelisks are erected. The oldest building is Dublin Castle, built in the 12th century. For a long time it remained the summer residence of the Irish kings, and later the building housed the British administration.

Bus hire with an excellent driver for the most outstanding trip in Dublin

All the company's chauffeurs are very friendly and polite, they are open to communication with passengers and are ready to answer any questions regarding tourism and transportation. All of them have quite a lot of experience in the transportation of passengers for different distances both in the capital of Ireland and outside it. Travel in the cabin of the rented bus of 8rental.com will be reliable, safe, exciting and very productive.

Questions & Answers

The final price per order in Dublin depends on such factors as:
  1. The duration of the tour;
  2. The traveling season;
  3. Pickup and drop-off addresses;
  4. The chosen bus model, etc.
For more examples or ballpark numbers, check out the pricing page.

How many passengers will travel depends on the chosen coach model. Therefore, if the headcount changes, reach out to our booking specialist to reconsider the selected bus model.

No, 8Rental’s expert team plans the trip routes and parking spots for every order in advance. And yet, we need to have a detailed itinerary before you arrive. So let us know which places you must visit and where you will stay when in Dublin. This way, we can map the route and parking precisely to deliver you the best bus rental services in Dublin.

8Rental has an extensive fleet of vehicles to meet any requirements regarding the size of the required coach. You can cater your charter transportation plans to any size of a group, composed from three to 50 and more passengers. We also accommodate small budgets and adhere to personalized itineraries.

To reserve a chauffeured bus in Dublin, you will need to start by completing a personalized rental quote. Please, have all the tri[ information at hand when sending the request to 8Rental email. Afterward, we shall generate a customized quote based on the group trip data you have provided. If the price we suggest for the trip fits with your group travel budget, you can book a charter bus with a professional driver either through a phone call or a secure link online.

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