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Private bus Hire With Driver

Travel in Comfort and Safety.

8Rental Company provides a coach rental with driver. A professional driver with many years of experience will take you to any corner of the city. All coaches are equipped to the highest standard which allows you to enjoy your ride.


Comfortable seats, climate control, audio system


Professional drivers with years of experience


Travel only in the most reliable buses of the world

Excellent Coach Hire

Your dream trip, our main scope. Let us build your memories.

Going on holiday can actually be quite stressful or there is nothing worse than coming back from a glorious holiday and having to drag your luggage from bus to bus and train to train (and then walk it home!). Arranging for a coach to take you to and from your location takes away a fair amount of this stress, leaving you to concentrate on the other aspects of your journey. With a coach transfer, you can rest assured that you will get to and back from your destination in plenty of time to check in, find your departure/arrival gate and maybe even get a drink or a bite before/after your plane, train or boat leaves/arrives. If you want to feel relaxed, composed and ready to enjoy yourself you must request a quote right now! offers a full and varied range of high-quality coaches for all occasions. From airport transfers and group services for various important occasions to organized day trips and tailored transport solutions for sports clubs or corporate events. We have a first-class coach service to suit every need. The combination of modern, reliable vehicles with helpful and friendly drivers helps us to deliver the service levels that our clients demand.


Why should you hire a coach with a driver?

There are various reasons for traveling and there is always going to be a downside; missing some stunning views, dealing with heavy traffic, or just being completely uncomfortable. However, it does not need to be that way. Over the past years, coach travel has been becoming more and more popular with people across the world. There are many reasons why it is becoming so much more prominent that carpooling, trains or buses as a great way for groups to travel. Some people are still disappointed by coach travel because of how they remember it being decades ago – cramped, stuffy and uncomfortable. Nevertheless, nowadays, coach travel is so different! provides a wide range of Coaches with a driver available for hire. All of our vehicles offer the highest standards of comfort. Professional and friendly drivers will make your journey a pleasure from beginning to end. Competitive prices and great customer service make us one of the leading providers of bus hire industry.

Therefore, here is a list of benefits to hiring a coach with driver for groups to get to their final destination.

  • An easy way of traveling. For larger groups, traveling by coach is far easier than going by car or train. You do not need to worry about organizing who will drive, do you have enough space for everybody’s luggage, what if someone gets lost – coaches and chauffeur service will eliminate all of these problems straight away.
  • Great comfort. Nowadays, nobody will deny that coaches are one of the most comfortable ways to travel. Modern coaches these days come with a number of benefits that you will not find in a car or even a train. Coaches come equipped with individually adjustable air conditioning, meaning that you do not need to cater to anyone else’s needs but your own. With the way modern coaches are made, there is far more space for each individual to stretch out for maximum comfort.
  • Money Saver. If you split the cost of a hired coach with a driver between every member in your group, it can amount to near enough pennies, leaving everyone with more money to spend at the end of the journey. There is no need for individual tickets for each person.
  • It is eco-friendly. Modern coaches can often carry up to 70 people. Let us just do the math here, which is roughly 10 cars worth of people fitting into one coach, so it should be no surprise that it will get far better fuel efficiency per passenger!

You deserve the best group trip ever. If you look for clean, comfortable and connected coach hire with an experienced chauffeur, then have a look at our fleet and choose the best option that suits your searches.