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The Benefits of renting minibus in Amsterdam

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Minibus hire in Amsterdam

Are you planning a trip around Amsterdam with a small group of family or friends? Private minibus hire service in Amsterdam makes your trip comfortable, flexible and independent. Embrace convenience and flexibility with our tailored solutions for all your Amsterdam adventures.

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Large fleet of minibusses

Choose from our extensive fleet of minibusses to accommodate any group size. From compact minibusses for intimate gatherings to spacious coaches for larger events, we have the perfect van for your needs. Enjoy the luxury and comfort of our well-equipped buses, tailored to meet your specific requirements.


Safety and Reliability

From excursions and day trips to airport transfers and business travel, a professional minibus driver take you and your group around Amsterdam in our high-quality minibuses and vans with everything you need for a comfortable and safe ride.

Choose an appropriate vehicle class for you

Our Minibuses and Vans

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4-7 Luggage

Minibus hire Standard Class type

Business Minivan

Mercedes V Class or similar

Standard Mercedes Sprinter 8rental minibus fleet
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16-19 Luggage

Standard Class Minibus hire type

Standard Minibus

Mercedes Sprinter or similar

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Estimated prices for Minibus rental in Amsterdam

Price ranges from € 81 per hour up to € 810 per 10 hours for the van with driver in Amsterdam

 Bus service: Minivan 4-7 pax. Minibus 16-19 pax. Bus 49-55 pax.
5 hours of service: from € 380 from € 530 from € 650
10 hours of service: from € 650 from € 810 from € 920
Transfers A<->B from € 1.5/km from € 2.0/km from € 2.5/km
Airport Transfer: from € 115 from € 255 from € 300
Multi-Day service % discount % discount % discount

The example of the prices above will help you to have an idea of the minibus hire with driver cost in Amsterdam

Please use our online form or email for a free quote for your journey in Amsterdam

Minibus hire in Amsterdam

You've put off travel long enough. Now is the time to listen to the traveler experts and plan your next trip in Amsterdam. Using a minibus rental in Amsterdam, you can accomplish many of the hottest trends in travel. Board your private transportation with your small group and enjoy a plan-free trip, back-of-house tours, or silent travel.

A minibus is the perfect solution because it offers travel flexibility and plenty of amenities.

What Is Minibus Hire in Amsterdam?

When traveling in a small group, a minibus rental in Amsterdam provides transportation for the entire group in one vehicle. Minibuses can typically serve groups as small as four or as large as 19-20. The number of passengers will depend on the specific vehicle.

Minibus Rental in Amsterdam Benefits

Several benefits come with booking a minibus rental. One of the most significant is that each rental comes with a skilled driver. This lets you focus on your group and your travel plans. 8Rental considers that every tourist group needs to be greeted by a smiley chauffeur with a beautiful and modern minibus. Hire a chauffeured minibus in Amsterdam and go to the place you need in comfort by leaving all logistic duties to the driver.

Save Money

Booking a minibus when you visit Amsterdam is an economical option when traveling in a small group. Everyone can split the cost of the minibus, making it affordable.

The alternative is everyone booking their own rental car, which can get expensive. In addition, you don't have to worry about getting a traffic or parking ticket because you have a private driver.

Freedom to Travel

If you are like most Americans, you are looking to make memories with experiences. Traveling today isn't about the place but more about the vibe.

Traveling in a minibus facilitates this. The small size of a minibus lets it easily navigate the smaller streets and alleys.


Travel in comfort when you book a minibus. It's private transport that only your group rides on. There is plenty of room for luggage, reclining headrests, and climate-controlled air conditioning. In case many friends or big families want to gather in Amsterdam van hire with driver in only one solution.

Travel Ease

When you book a minibus, you are free of public transport. This lets you travel when it works for your schedule and is not limited to the public transportation schedule. Standard chauffeured hire minibus is developed for pleasant transportation on city roads.

Traveling in a minibus also makes moving from one planned activity to the next easier. Your driver will handle the parking so you can focus on the destination.

Business minibus hire in Amsterdam

If a business trip suddenly occurred, definitely you should hire a minibus with a driver by 8Rental. Luxury provided variant suits to business people, meetings, or affairs.Minibus hire in amsterdam with driver photo city 1

Proposed offers by 8rental’s supplier are very convenient for simple & business passengers' transportation needs because they include:

    • meeting at the required address
    • French, Dutch, Russian, English speaking driver
    • Business, Standard, or First class chauffeured minibus
    • Minivan, minibus, van hire with driver option
    • Airport transfer service if needed

Chauffeured minibus in Amsterdam rental service

Minibus Service Options

Our fleet offers several types of buses, coaches, and minivans to accommodate your trip to Amsterdam. Our standard minivans seat 4-19 passengers, depending on the model booked.

Vehicles include the Volkswagen Caravelle, Ford Transit, and Mercedes Sprinter. Our business fleet consists of the Mercedes V class and Mercedes Sprinter VIP.

For larger groups, we can accommodate passenger groups from 29 to 63 in coaches and buses.

Rent a Minibus in Amsterdam

Plan your next small group vacation with a minibus rental in Amsterdam. It will bring a sense of intimacy to your travel group. You can travel at your own pace in the peace and comfort of your own van, bus, or coach.

8Rental is your reliable travel option with a large fleet of transportation options. You will surely find a car, van, minibus, or motor coach to meet your transportation needs and budget.

Enjoy your trip to Amsterdam with a reliable travel partner by requesting a quote today.

Unforgettable Amsterdam - Most popular places to visit

Amsterdam is a popular tourist Europe center, annually visited by more than 4.64 million guests from different countries.Minibus hire in amsterdam with driver photo city 1

Amsterdam is the largest Netherlands city, located on the Amstel River. Tourists every year visit attractive Amsterdam as it combines the atmosphere of the 17th century with the modern metropolis mentality, creating a friendly & comfortable environment. Low-rise buildings & seclusion of streets, canals & squares create an atmosphere that city guests find unique.

Since all city territory is located on marshlands, construction of wide highways or huge skyscrapers is just impossible, but this does not diminish Amsterdam's tourist attraction. Cobbled narrow streets with old buildings on tall beams, huge flower beds of tulips & an abundance of parks create very unique comfort, friendliness & romantic atmosphere.

Amsterdam's historical center is distinguished by a large number of well-preserved medieval buildings - churches, residential, museums & merchant houses. Rembrandt's house was bought in 1639 & he lived & worked here. In 1658, this house was auctioned off for debts. Now it is a museum - "Rembrandt House".

Speaking about Amsterdam, the popular red light district should be mentioned, as well as "coffee shops" - a cafe where light drugs are allowed. Besides large shopping centers, Amsterdam has small ancient shopping streets, where private designer shops are located, this is Kalverstraat & Nedenstrains nine streets.

Ready to visit all these paces? Please send us your travel program ad you receive a detailed offer to book a van with the driver.

Questions & Answers

The cost for a trip to Amsterdam using minibus rental with a driver depends on several factors. These are:
  1. The season - the busy season falling between April and September is more expensive than the rest of the year.
  2. The day of the week - traveling at the weekend is priced more than weekday trips.
  3. The hourly availability - the number of hours the driver will be at the client’s disposal affects the final charge.
  4. The distance - if the client fancies traveling outside Amsterdam, the distance measured in kilometers, will influence the final cost for the trip.
8Rental makes the pricing system of the private minibus as transparent as possible. But if any questions remain, you can contact our booking specialist and find out your personalized price.

On average, minibuses in Amstredam can accommodate up to 19 passengers. For smaller groups we offer 7-seater mini vans, while big groups had better book either a 25-seater small bus or a 33-seater midi bus.

Basically, 19 seater private minibus can fit up to 14-15 big luggage. 8Rental sets no limitations on the luggage. However, it is essential for us to know the exact amount of luggage that the traveling group will bring, to allocate the right minibus capacity. In case group has more than 14-15 luggage, we provide bigger minibus, or trailer. Obviously, the bigger the minibus’s capacity is, the higher the cost for the order will be.

Yes, these two minibus models are different in the level of comfort they provide to their passengers. Hiring a Business minibuses are an excellent choice for business travelers in Amsterdam, whereas Standard options are great for casual traveling groups in Amsterdam. Business models are equipped with premium-class features such as excellent noise isolation, reclining seats upholstered in leather, soft suspension, ample space between seats, etc. In addition, they share music systems, air-conditioning, seatbelts, and microphones with Standard class vehicles. However, Business class minibuses are priced around 15% to 18% higher than standard class vehicles.

Yes, 8Rental can provide minibuses for tours with multiple destinations in Amsterdam and throughout the Netherlands. Whether it is a round-trip of one with multiple stops on the way, you can entrust it to our expert drivers. Regardless of the situation and journey type, we shall allocate an appropriate minibus.

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