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Minibus hire in Barcelona

Are you planning a trip around Barcelona with a small group of family or friends? Private minibus hire service in Barcelona makes your trip comfortable, flexible and independent. Embrace convenience and flexibility with our tailored solutions for all your Barcelona adventures.

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Large fleet of minibusses

Choose from our extensive fleet of minibusses to accommodate any group size. From compact minibusses for intimate gatherings to spacious coaches for larger events, we have the perfect van for your needs. Enjoy the luxury and comfort of our well-equipped buses, tailored to meet your specific requirements.


Safety and Reliability

From excursions and day trips to airport transfers and business travel, a professional minibus driver take you and your group around Barcelona in our high-quality minibuses and vans with everything you need for a comfortable and safe ride.

Choose an appropriate vehicle class for you

Our Minibuses and Vans

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4-7 Luggage

Minibus hire Standard Class type

Business Minivan

Mercedes V Class or similar

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16-19 Luggage

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Standard Minibus

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Estimated prices for Minibus rental in Barcelona

Price ranges from € 60 per hour up to € 595 per 10 hours for the van with driver in Barcelona

 Minibus service: Minivan 4-7 pax. Minibus 16-19 pax. Bus 49-55 pax.
Airport Transfer: from € 90 from € 150 from € 230
5 hours of service: from € 300 from € 375 from € 440
10 hours of service: from € 495 from € 595 from € 690
Transfers A<->B from € 1.2 km from € 1.5 km from € 2.0 km
Multi-Day service % discount % discount % discount

The example of the prices above will help you to have an idea of the minibus hire with driver cost in Barcelona

Please use our online form or email for a free quote for your journey in Barcelona

Minibus hire in Barcelona

Over 9.7 million tourists visit Barcelona every year, making it one of the most popular European destinations for both vacations and business travel. If you are planning on taking a trip to the city with a larger group, then you may want to consider a minibus rental in Barcelona. Giving your preference for hiring a minibus in Barcelona with a professional driver to using private transportation services, you are going to benefit a lot. 8Rental is the minibus with a driver supplier which won't disappoint you ever. Each transfer is performed with a premium minibus by 8Rental and is monitored by an experienced and responsible staff of workers. This makes the service entirely trustworthy.

Read on to discover the amazing benefits of renting a minibus in this incredible city as well as our fleet of luxury vehicles.

Types of Minibuses and vans to choose in Barcelona

We have several different minibuses to choose from, so you can choose the bus type that best fits your needs. These are the types of minibuses available to you during your trip to Barcelona.

  • Standard Mini van: The standard minivan fits four to seven passengers and four to seven suitcases
  • Business Mini van: Our spacious and elegant business minivan contains beautiful lighting and leather interior and fits four to seven passengers
  • Standard Minibus: The standard minibus is spacious, and comfortable, fits 8 to 19 passengers, and is designed to travel long distances
  • Business Minibus: Our business minibus comes with bright lighting, and a leather interior, and fits 8 to 19 passengers

Convenient way to travel for Individuals and groups 

8Rental offers minibus rental with a driver that has equipped its fleet with vehicles of different sizes all in perfect condition. Depending on the number of travelers your group is composed of, you can choose an appropriate variant and hire a minibus with a driver in Barcelona at the most profitable prices. If you are only with several travelers in the city, you may consider a Mercedes Viano minibus, which is a great variant. This vehicle is offered at inexpensive costs yet is powered with fabulous features to provide you with comfy transportation in Barcelona. The van has comfortable armrests and seat belts for security, as well as air conditioning, CD/DVD players, tinted windows, reading lights, etc. Nevertheless, in case you have arrived in Barcelona with a couple of dozen travelers, you may need a more capacious vehicle such as a Mercedes Sprinter. This minibus is designed to drive up to twenty-four passengers in comfort and safety.

The Benefits of Minibus Rental in Barcelona

Minibus hire in Barcelona is one of the best ways to travel throughout the city. These are just a few of the amazing benefits you will receive when choosing to travel by minibus.


You will save money when renting a minibus rather than using multiple smaller vehicles or other transportation options. You can consolidate the entire group into one vehicle, and everyone can split the cost of the minibus.

Convenient and Comfortable private minibuses for travelers in Barcelona

Minibuses are designed for comfort and convenience. They come equipped with comfortable seating, air conditioning, and spacious interiors. Everyone in the group can travel comfortably, with ample legroom and space for luggage. 8Rental can't claim to provide the highest quality services if it doesn't have the staff of drivers it has now. All minibus chauffeurs without any exception have driving licenses, years of practice in the sphere of passenger transportation, along with a firm determination to satisfy all clients. Just mention the qualities your driver should have in the quote and be sure 8Rental is going to satisfy your request. If you don't speak Spanish, you may wish to hire an English, French, or even Dutch-speaking driver - the selection is yours. We can also provide you even with a driver who doesn't smoke. What makes the chauffeurs of 8Rental so unique, is that they are perfectly aware of all the roads, the sights, and good restaurants in Barcelona. Just name the destination, and your driver will take the right direction.

Promotes Group Interaction

A minibus is a great environment for group interaction and bonding. Whether it's a family trip, a team-building event, or a school excursion, traveling together in a minibus allows passengers to engage in conversations and build stronger connections. And last but not least the essential benefit you will get once you ask for passenger transportation in Barcelona from 8Rental is the opportunity to relax. You will have to worry about nothing but relaxing, being carried, and enjoying every minute in Barcelona with your friends.

Professional Drivers

Barcelona is known for its bad traffic, and the city has four rush hours: 8 to 9:30 AM, 12:30 to 2:30 PM, 3:30 to 5:00 PM, and 6:30 to 8:30 PM. Our professional drivers know how to expertly navigate these difficult driving times. Neither will you be obliged to check your route now and then with a map or GPS. Another irritating situation that occurs when you decide to drive yourself is searching for parking space whenever you want to admire a tourist sight or have dinner at a restaurant.

Our drivers are professionally trained, allowing you to enjoy the trip without worrying about navigation, traffic, or parking. As noted in our FAQ section, we will send you the details of your driver one day before the pick-up date.


Renting a minibus provides flexibility in planning the itinerary. You can customize the travel schedule according to your group's needs, making stops at specific attractions, restaurants, or scenic spots along the way. Another advantage every 8Rental client gets by booking a vehicle is time-saving. No longer will you have to spend your precious time waiting in queues for public transportation, or catching



Compared to using multiple smaller vehicles, a minibus is a more environmentally friendly option. It reduces the overall carbon footprint by consolidating passengers into one large vehicle and minimizing the impact on the environment.

Van hire in Barcelona during low and high tourists seasons

Barcelona is one of the most attractive and fascinating destinations for tourists from all over the world.

There are fantastic modern clubs for those who love the nightlife, amazing water and ground attractions for sports lovers, and plentiful world-known shows, concerts, and festivals are organized and performed right in Barcelona. Anyway, what Barcelona amazes its visitors most of all is its exceptional architecture and buildings of historical and cultural significance. Basilica of the Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo, Barcelona Museum Pass, and La Pedrera, form only one part of the entire wealth Barcelona has to offer its visitors.

Receive quotes for a minibus with driver hires

8Rental is constantly available for all its clients. For instance, by booking a minibus and driver beforehand, you will be met right at the airport the moment you step onto the ground in Barcelona. 

Are you ready to enjoy minibus rental in Barcelona? 8Rental aims to offer the best minibus services for clients and passengers all across Barcelona and other European cities. We are proud to offer various amenities for many different budgets. To get started with your minibus rental, contact our experienced team for more information.

Questions & Answers

The average price is 50 EUR per hour in case of renting minibus in Barcelona for 8 hours, yet several factors affect the cost and determine the final value. These are the seasons, whether it’s a day tour or night tour, whether it’s planned for weekdays or weekends, how many hours the driver will be at the group’s disposal, how far the group may need to travel outside Barcelona, and, finally, the minibus capacity and class. As you see, we strive to provide our clients with transparent pricing.

We have a vast fleet with multiple vehicles differing in capacity and class. For example, the available small coaches capacities are mini vans to accommodate six or seven passengers, mid-size minibuses for up to 24 passengers, and big buses to carry 50 or even more people.

If an 8Rental client hires a chauffeured minibus in Barcelona for business purposes, the driver takes responsibility for driving the passengers between addresses where their conferences or business meetings occur. Such addresses usually include office buildings, company addresses, construction sites, hotel conference halls, industrial zones, etc. Our Business Class private minibuses are equipped well to provide traveling in executive style in city. Meanwhile, when the client and the group rent a minibus in Barcelona for leisure, the driver takes care of the entire travel route between the city’s most remarkable places of attraction, restaurants, parks, etc. If the tour involves destinations outside city, the driver makes it the utmost convenient for the group to enjoy their tour around Spain. We have Standard class minibuses for our tourist groups, which are quite comfortable yet priced much cheaper than Business class models (around 20% cheaper).

Yes, it is highly beneficial to have a private minibus when traveling in Barcelona. Flexibility is the primary advantage. Your minibus with driver will pick you up from your hotel or apartment, drive you around the city, wait till you dine at the restaurant, and drop you off at the required destination in Barcelona or any corner of Spain.

This depends on how you arrive in Barcelona and if you have ordered the meet and greet service. Your private minibus will be parked at the nearby auto station while the chauffeur will wait for you with a signboard at the Barcelona Airport’s waiting hall. If you get to Barcelona by train, we shall specify the nearest convenient location to meet your group. In case you have pick-up from hotel, the driver can wait for you in front of your hotel or apartment when necessary.

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Perfect communication with Liubov and service from drivers too! Minibuses were really nice and clean. Thanks for cooperation!

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Everything went well: Driver was always on time, some drinks were included within the bus and the whole planning together with 8retal was very professional.

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Great service

Great service, minibus arrived early, the guys were dressed smartly and super friendly got us from a to be safely in a lovely clean van.

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