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Private car hire with driver in Cluj-Napoca

Want to travel around Cluj-Napoca for a business, leisure or airport trip? 8Rental provides a private car hire with a driver in Cluj-Napoca , so you can travel in comfort and safety. Our experienced drivers will take you to every corner of the city in our modern cars, guaranteeing you get to your destination on time. All chauffeurs are professional drivers, giving you peace of mind. Hire a reliable car with a skilled driver today and enjoy your travel.

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Comfortable seats, climate control, audio system safety on your travel


Professional drivers with years of experience reliability on the road


Travel only in the most reliable cars of the world

Car rental with driver in Cluj

Our car service with driver allows each client to pick among the most modern and popular private cars brands. Therefore, during the city trip, each visitor will be free to choose the most appropriate option due to the aim of his visit because there are really good private cars of the most reliable brands: Standard, Business, and First class.

Unbelievable car service for a perfect in Cluj

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This company suggests an alluring service of car hiring with driver to provide a better traveling around this amazing city.  No one will be disappointed after having experience of using this company and each client will be highly satisfied with all our services. We consider that good customer service is all about bringing customers back.
 Happy enough to pass positive feedback about our business along to others, who may then like to use the service we offer for themselves and in their turn become repeat customers. Car hire with a driver in Cluj is a real chance for people who are going to have a great excursion or for those who plan to go on a business trip. The hiring company provides the best car service for foreigners who are going to visit this city for any purpose.

The best-rented car with driver for the best time spent in Cluj-Napoca

They perfectly fit every person with different plans for the visit to this city. Starting with airport transfer and ending up with final destination everyone will experience the highest level of car hire with driver service.

Reliable private driver for the unforgettable trip in Cluj

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There is no better way to travel in safety and comfort than hiring a great car with a driver in Cluj who has been working in this sphere for many years and has gained a lot of precious experience. Each person can be sure that this man will do anything to make the trip one of the best ever. Drivers who provide the service will work at the highest level to offer each tourist with everything they need. There is no wonder people are turning back to this service again and again.

Come along and give a try of our car hire with a driver service and be sure to have the best journey around Cluj-Napoca.

Cluj-Napoca - a great city to travel to but only by using the best car service

Cluj-Napoca is Transylvania's largest city and one of the leading economic, cultural and educational centers of Romania. It is located on Somes river in the north-western part of the country. There is an international airport at eight kilometers from the city so if visiting it the more convenient way will be by plane. Only a few cities succeed in such a harmonious union of a university city, an industrial center, and an ancient place.

The city is a modern one but it also preserves its historical roots. Most of the attractions are concentrated in the historical center, which is better to walk on foot. It is worth paying attention to the house of Matiyas Korvina, the Hungarian king - the oldest storage building in the city, built in the Gothic style with elements of the Renaissance.

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