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The Benefits of Hiring a Bus in Lyon

bus hire in Lyon - reliable

Bus hire in Lyon

Traveling with a big group of people in Lyon? Bus rental service in Lyon is the most comfortable solution for traveling together comfortably and enjoying your trip. Having a private bus with you can visit planned places in Lyon, your tailor-made itinerary.

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Large fleet of Buses

Discover the perfect bus to accommodate your group with luaggage from our extensive fleet. We offer buses of various sizes, equipped with modern amenities for your comfort. Whether it's a small gathering or a large event, our fleet is ready to provide a seamless and enjoyable journey.

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Safety and Reliability

Our bus drivers are experienced drivers that will guarantee your safety, and our modern buses are reliable and well-furnished to maximum comfort. Book your bus rental with us today and tour around Lyon in comfort and safety.

Choose an appropriate vehicle class for you

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29-33 Luggage

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Midi Coach 29-33 seater or Bus 49-63 seater

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16-19 Luggage

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Standard Minibus or Business Minibus

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Charter bus hire in Lyon

Traveling with a big group has its share of difficulties. You might have problems in coordination, moving around with luggage, or even deciding how to travel more efficiently to meet all your planned destinations in time. 8Rental offers a variety of services, from day trips to excursions and city tours to multi-day tours. You don’t have to change your mode of transport or even move your luggage since it is all stored conveniently and securely in our vans all through the trip.

Our corporate group service is highly personalized and comfortable. The driver and bus will meet you in front of the hotel at your planned time or at the city airport. You will get access to a high-quality bus with a driver during the rental period. You can visit places in Lyon or even get a transfer to another city. Your group can travel according to your tailor-made itinerary. It is the easiest and fastest way to get to travellers planned destinations in time along with your group of friends, family, or colleagues.

Why is bus rental the best way to travel in Lyon?

Like every city, Lyon has its own share of attractions. Travellers can explore the streets of the old city, mingle in the markets, or visit cathedrals and museums to take in the cultural vibes. No matter what you decide to do, 8Rental has a dedicated bus service that makes it easier for you. Using a bus rental in Lyon is the best way to travel around the city. It is especially useful and convenient for group tours.

Benefits of using a Bus Rental Service for Travellers in Lyon

There are many benefits of using a bus rental service in Lyon. We have a service with experienced drivers who know their way around and can handle all administrative issues.

8Rental is a highly efficient and reliable service. Our drivers will pick you up from your hotel and take you to your planned destinations as per your schedule.

You will find the trip very comfortable. We use the latest range of quality vehicles. We are committed to giving you a trouble-free experience. 

Safety is a top priority, especially if you are in a new place and are not familiar with local regulations. Our chauffeurs know every area of the city and will guide you on the best ways to remain safe during your outings.

8Rental uses the best minibuses and minivans and our drivers are highly trained. If you don’t have a plan they will give you a tour of what interests you. You will get the most out of your trip this way.

When you rent a bus in Lyon using our service, you benefit from our dedicated and efficient drivers who take away the stress and worry.  Tell them about your plans at the start of the day or even the day before so that they can give you the best experience. Our drivers are trained, responsible, and efficient. Since they know the city layout, they can organize the trip so that you meet all your scheduled plans with ease.

Why 8Rental is the best transportation solution in Lyon

When you choose 8Rental’s dedicated chauffeur-driven service, you will get the best personalized experience. If you are travelling with a group, it is the best solution because it takes care of many issues. You don’t have to change the mode of transport. There is no need to carry your luggage in hand or change stops the way you would do otherwise.

Bus for corporate travellers in Lyon

For corporate travellers, bus hire in Lyon is the most convenient way to travel between business meetings hosted at different venues in the city. You can even use the service to visit colleagues or business partners in another part of the city. It's the most efficient means of transportation for attending conferences with many participants.

Places you can visit using the bus hire service

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There are many attractions to see in Lyon. There are churches, theatres, and shopping areas you can explore. Music and artwork are a distinct part of French culture. You can even check out the local museum to see what they have to attract visitors.

If your group want to do some shopping, visit the Les Halles Market for some good bargains. You may have to brush up on your French a little, but you’ll find that shopkeepers understand German, English, and other European languages. Travelling around in a minibus is a better way to reach these destinations. It saves time and is more convenient.

Don’t be too hasty when planning a trip to Lyon, France, if you want to attend a business conference. Your company or office may be sponsoring the trip. Or you might be travelling as part of a group of professionals on a particular subject. You have planned your trip but have no idea how to get from one place to another. 8Rental bus service offers individual and group transportation services for moving around the city so you won’t have to worry about reaching the different venues on time.

If you want to use the best and most convenient tailor-made bus rental services during your trip to Lyon, call 8Rental today to get a quote. please fill out the details of your trip on the form on our website, and we will get back to you with a quote. Prices would depend on the type of trip planned and the number of passengers. Our buses can accommodate a group of 7 to 24 people with luggage included.

Questions & Answers

The final price for booking a charter bus in Lyon depends on such factors as the type of tour you want to book (city tour, multi-day tour, one-way transportation, etc.), the duration of the trip, the group size, and if you have any special requirements regarding the bus comfort amenities. To get more information about pricing, check out our price guide. Meanwhile, to learn the exact price for your specific order, please, complete the quote and let us calculate it.

Our full-size coaches with 41-seats have built-in comfort amenities, such as a music connection, microphones (convenient for tour guides), air conditioners, cool boxes or fridges, etc. However, if you have any specific requirements, such as wheelchair space, please remember to mention them in the comments section. Or you can send us your expectations regarding the amenities of the rented coach via an email to info@8rental.com. We shall get in touch with you with a customized offer shortly afterward.

Yes, all buses in our fleet have spacious luggage carrying places under them. Besides, some models available for renting in Lyon also have overhead compartments for handbags.

We have an impressive fleet of buses perfect for transporting passengers to group events, corporate meetings, as well as from Lyon to a nearby city or vice versa, trade fairs, festivals, city tours in Lyon, weddings and other social events, etc.

Planning a corporate event can be a nightmare if you don’t know who to rely on. Regarding the transportation of the participant in Lyon, you can count on 8Rental. We can help you customize your itinerary and organize a seamless transport of the entire group of co-workers from door to door. Shuttle services are mostly built around trade shows, team-building events, conferences, corporate holiday parties, etc. For instance, if you are heading to a corporate party, we’d suggest booking a mini coach or minibus since these are more budget-friendly options. Meanwhile, for conferences and more official events in Lyon, you’d better choose a full-size coach. The vehicle will have all the comfort equipment to make even the longest journey a pleasure.

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We rented a bus for our event. Very satisfied with the service. The bus was clean, driver was great and helpful. Would recommend 100%

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Highly reliable bus company

Booked a bus for a group of 17 people. We had been burned by another bus company leading up to this, and 8Rental were very efficient and professional.

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Great customer support

Great customer support with the best safe drivers. Very highly recommended and I will use it again.

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What our customers say About Us

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