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Are you planning a trip around Helsinki with a small group of family or friends? Book our private minibus hire service in Helsinki and enjoy safety, comfort and reliability. From excursions and day trips to airport transfers and business travel, we’ll take you and your group around Helsinki in our well-equipped vehicles with everything you need for a fun, comfortable and safe ride. Book your minibus rental with 8Rental today for group outings, day trips and short holidays. comfort during the trip


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Helsinki is world famous for its architecture. The city is renowned for its neo-classical style, especially in the Senate Square, where the government palace, the cathedral and the main building of the University of Helsinki are located. Not far from here at the top of the hill is the Assumption Cathedral, the largest Orthodox church in Europe, and also an excellent example of the Greek Catholic style. In the city each can also find beautiful examples of the modernist style, which goes into the style of romantic nationalism, in particular, it is noticeable on the national museum of Finland and the beautiful railway station. Located in the Baltic Sea, the capital of Finland is a modern city with more than half a million inhabitants, as well as the second northernmost capital of Europe. Helsinki is a unique place: surrounded by an archipelago of hundreds of tiny islands, yielding to the cultural influence of both East and West, combining modern and classical architectural styles and love of open spaces, which is the heart of Finnish identity.

A reliable and safe trip through the city of Helsinki is possible with the use of reliable services of the rental company Each client can book one of the first-class vehicles, as well as hire a professional chauffeur who can quickly and safely take tourists to any place in the city. The service is ready to provide its customers with any car and any driver to make their trip as unforgettable and productive as possible.

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The modern city with the outstanding architecture of Helsinki is one of the cultural "hot spots" of northern Europe. An ideal place for a vacation, both for art lovers and for those looking for a vibrant nightlife. Also, Helsinki is perfect for a family holiday, as children here always have something to do. Surrounded by forests, lakes and the sea, it is also popular among lovers of outdoor leisure activities.

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At the parking of the 8rental company, there are lovely and comfortable minibuses, they are intended for traveling to any distance, and their reliability guarantees no breakdowns during the trip. None should worry about self-safety while moving on the vehicles of our company as the service will do everything to ensure high security and comfort for every tourist. Minibuses are not only very safe and fast; they still have plenty of amenities that will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding passengers.

A professional driver for an excellent city trip

As for the drivers of the 8rental company, there is no doubt that each of them works honestly and in good faith. They are all very responsible and punctual, for them the main thing is to do everything at the highest level and provide each client with unsurpassed services.

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Questions & Answers

8Rental calculates the cost of every order based on the private minibus and never by passenger. We deliver only one minibus based on the size of the traveling group in Helsinki. If it is composed of 10 passengers, we have to provide a 16-seat minibus since mini vans can accommodate only up to seven passengers. Other aspects affecting the price involve the hourly rate, the distance, and the vehicle class. If you wonder how much each passenger must pay for the tour service, please, split the final charge to the total number of passengers.

The most appropriate chater minibus size for a group depends on how many passengers are included in it and how much luggage they bring. For example, if your group involves only six or seven people and they all bring only one piece of baggage with them, a Standard class mini van will be an excellent choice. If the trip is of Business type, we shall provide Mercedes V Class. Groups composed of 16 to 17 people will travel comfortably in Mercedes Sprinter minibus around Helsinki. However, the minibus has limited luggage space. Both Standard and Business classes are available. Large traveling groups made up of 25 to 30 people will travel most comfortably in midi coach Mercedes Atego since it is especially spacious for both passengers and their luggage.

Depending on the season you need the minibus for, you should book the minibus in Helsinki several months or weeks beforehand. If you are going to travel during the peak season (it falls between May and September), apply at least two months in advance. Otherwise, we can’t guarantee the availability of the required model. Anyway, tours from October to April fall into a not busy period, so booking about three weeks only is recommended.

Flexibility makes up the main advantage for all tours regardless of their intention. For example, if your group is formed with tourists, the driver meets them at the Helsinki Airport or train station, rides them to their hotels, then takes them on a ride around the Helsinki per the group's schedule, and finally accompanies them to their hotels. Business travelers, meanwhile, can benefit from quick and safe driving in the most comfortable conditions. Our Business Class mini vans feature lavish comfort facilities and can serve great for pre-meeting discussions with the group members. Your booked minibus driver will take care of the entire route from meeting at the airport to waiting at the meeting places and taking your group back to your hotel. We guarantee convenient and effective business traveling on minibuses in Helsinki.

Yes, 8Rental allows traveling with pets. However, we ask you to disclose all the essential details (precisely the size and the availability of the carrier bag) about the pet beforehand. Our booking specialist can allocate a minibus with enough room to comfortably accommodate both the pet and the pet carrier bag aside from all the passengers and their luggage.

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