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The Benefits of Hiring a Minibus in Lisbon

Are you planning a trip around Lisbon with a small group of family or friends? Book our private minibus hire service in Lisbon and enjoy safety, comfort and reliability. From excursions and day trips to airport transfers and business travel, we’ll take you and your group around Lisbon in our well-equipped vehicles with everything you need for a fun, comfortable and safe ride. Book your minibus rental with 8Rental today for group outings, day trips and short holidays. comfort during the trip


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Attracting thousands of individuals from different countries around the world, Lisbon is undoubtedly considered as top tourist destinations in Europe. While traveling with a group of people, together with families or friends, it is widely admitted that minibus rental and turning to chauffeur services is a great and efficient way of traveling in the city. Much more things could be managed, more places to be visited, whereas splitting the costs among the members of the company provides storming an opportunity to minimize travel expenses.

How to book

A standard procedure of ordering the service assumes a call to our representative or contact via email or social network. Tell us about the dates of your vacation and requirements. We will be happy to give our advice too. If it is all agreed, the only thing that will be left is making a payment and getting our official confirmation.

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Strengths and advantages

An average minibus has approximately ten passenger sits. Roughly, every visitor will spend at least up to ten Euros a day on travel expenses anyway. Therefore, it could be concluded that a decent company can afford to rent a minibus with a driver without any problems and possibly make substantial savings on that.  The driver will take you whatever the clients wish to and can help to organize the logistics between the visited attractions. Also, some people’s interests may differ from the interests of the others, so that will be up the chauffeur to plan the logistics and pick up some parts of your company from one place and meet the others in a different location. By opting for this rental, there won’t be any worries with regards to the speeding penalties, unauthorized parking charges and responsibilities if a road accident occurs. For the whole day and night, the driver will be ready to take you almost everywhere you wish to. Clients can consume alcohol during daytime and at night while somewhere in a club. There won’t be any risk of drink and driving charges. Also, individuals will never experience the horrible traffic while behind the steering wheel and aggressive driving of the residents.


Transfer from an airport, coach or train station can be costly. Taking into account that there is a substantial amount of people traveling in your company, then the cost of an ordinary transfer could be high. In the case of applying to our services, these costs are illuminated. The transfer is included in the services provided, and all will be included in a single daily charge. The driver will give you a hand with luggage handling at the time of your arrival and at the time when you come to a hotel or a building where apartments have been rented. The same thing applies when you leave, as there is nothing that has to be paid as everything is included in a single daily rental charge.

Driving around Lisbon

Lisbon is a relatively large, cosmopolitan city and the traffic in it is pretty heavy. It is very substantial in the city center where most of the famous place and attractions are located. Driver’s outstanding knowledge of all the roads and roots will be a huge help for you. Our employees will take you whatever necessary quickly and safely providing you maximum comfort. An average, the time of the journeys could be reduced by about a half compared to what might have been if you were to drive a minibus. The number of attraction is enormous, it includes:

  • Belem Tower.
  • Sao Jorge castle
  • Lisbon Oceanarium   

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Types of Minibuses

Most vehicles are the ten seaters. However, if a larger minibus is required, that could be told us in advance, and we happily prepare it for you. The machines offered to the clients are usually produced by common manufacturers like Peugeot, Fiat, Toyota, and the other similar car makers. If the clients require the VIP minibus with a more comfortable seat and better equipment, that should not be a problem. At the time of the order mentions it to our representative. All in all, the vehicles complied with the safety regulations and equipped very well. The standard features like TVs, air conditioning, stereo systems, DVDs, etc. are the common things on every transport.

Type of drivers

The drivers can speak both Portuguese, and English and some of them can also understand and express themselves in other languages. You can plan the roots together or agree the time and places when the driver will pick up different members of your company.

Businesses We Serve

Our Corporate Customers

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Questions & Answers

Usually, it depends. The minibus size/class, destination in Naples, time of the day, trip length, availability are the main factors forming the price of renting a minibus with driver in Naples. We look at using hours (5h, 7h, 8h, 10h) or the distance (60 km, 120 km, 250 km) while calculating your booking price.

The main difference is the level of comfort. The sizes, atmosphere, quality of the seats, and interior design are slightly different in these two classes. As you can guess from the name, Business Mini vans are more suitable for business travelers. They are more comfortable, spacious and with a good soundproofing system. As for the basic travel needs, Standard Class is the best choice. It satisfies all the requirements and helps to save on travel expenses.

Yes, you can. We provide charter minibusses for event transportation. The driver will take care of your route and make as many trips required. You can indicate all the requirements concerning transportation, and we arrange the process of moving participants.

We have your contact info, so our drivers will contact and specify the exact location in the Naples Aiport arrival hall where you can meet them. You can also use our meet and greet service if needed, but it may include an extra charge for parking. For more detailed info you can contact our operator.

The driver and minibus arrives at the settled location in Naples 15 min before the departure. It can be an apartment, hotel, airport, or any other place you picked up. He will have a signboard with him. Also, you will be given his contact number. So, in case you can't find the minibus, you can directly contact him.

Our customer service operator will send you a message with an acceptable price for your trip via email

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