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The Benefits of Hiring a Minibus in Seville

Are you planning a trip around Seville with a small group of family or friends? Book our private minibus hire service in Seville and enjoy safety, comfort and reliability. From excursions and day trips to airport transfers and business travel, we’ll take you and your group around Seville in our well-equipped vehicles with everything you need for a fun, comfortable and safe ride. Book your minibus rental with 8Rental today for group outings, day trips and short holidays. comfort during the trip


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Seville is one of those marvelous cities all tourists sights are known well. Today we shall present Seville off the beaten path to you. However, this doesn't mean your traveling group shouldn't see such tourist sights of great importance as Alcazar, Santa Maria de la Sede Cathedral, the Archivo de Indias or other significant destinations. However, once here, tell the driver to take a direction to some of the not so famous but still amazing destinations. For instance, at Casa de la Memoria you can enjoy breathtaking flamenco live performances every day and learn the history of its origin! Other off the beaten path places are Centro Cultural Santa Clara, Triana, Archaeological Ensemble of Italica, and others.

A good car and driver supplier service has to own a series of features that will inspire confidence in clients. A mere sounding name of a service is far not enough for people to entrust their transportation in a foreign country to them. And unlike the vast majority of doubtful services active in the industry, 8Rental is ready to provide guarantees. First of all, this is a car rental with driver in Seville, as well as plenty of other cities in all around Europe, which does not improvise - it demonstrates exceptional responsibility to every client and every order. The service organizes transfers in smallest details so that quality, safety, and reliability are guaranteed. 

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Advantages of Choosing 8Rental's services 

8Rental also agrees to change the details of booking if a client needs so. We are eager to make everything clear and convenient for our clients. Hence your requirements become a priority for us! Our responsible and experienced staff of workers is ready to monitor every transfer to ensure everything is implemented at the highest level. It makes our transfers tested and agile. Our clients can contact our service for getting a quote and hiring a vehicle on favorable conditions anytime they wish. We are online 24/7!

Significant Savings on Your Transportation Expenses 

You may think that it will cost you much to rent a chauffeured minicoach in Seville, yet this costs less expensive than ordering several taxis to drive all of you to your destination. 8Rental is a cost-effective service, book a minibus now to get ensured yourself! Regardless your pickup and drop off destinations, fuel will be provided for free just as medical insurance for all the passengers traveling minibusses. Besides we offer impressive discounts for our constant clients! 

Save Precious Time

The aspect of time-saving while traveling is, undoubtedly, of great importance. This precious resource is often lacking for most of us, and when you are moving, you feel every minute is precious. Hire a microbus with a driver in Seville and have the vehicle and driver meet all of you right at the airport or railway station. Don't waste time on checking routes through GPS of maps, as our experienced drivers are well aware of all the city's roads. Moreover, they can recommend the most interesting places off the beaten paths.

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Drive in Comfort in our Premium Minibuses

Great comfortability while being driven in the city is another point we can provide you. Our premium minibuses are powered with all the amenities you may find necessary including air conditioning, central heating, comfy seats, and armrests, reading lights, tinted windows, an optional TV, etc. If your group is composed of up to eight travelers, you may find Mercedes Viano or any other similar vehicle great! Otherwise, a Mercedes Sprinter can serve the best as it accommodates up to twenty-four people. 

Rely On Skillful Drivers

Without our professional drivers, we wouldn't become of the most popular and respectable car rental services in entire Europe! Mainly our drivers make our clients stay satisfied with their orders. Besides driving licenses, our chauffeurs are backed with impressive experience in the sphere of passenger transportation. They can drive you long routes fast and safely. Depending on the language you speak, you can rent an English, Russian, Dutch, Spanish or French speaking driver. 

Questions & Answers

The price for varies depending on different factors like size, class, length of time, and so on. Usually, minibus rental with driver in Seville costs you around 53 Euro for an hour or 430 euros for 8 hours of disposal. The destination and the time of the year also greatly impact the price. (New Year, Christmas, etc.)

You can find a wide variety of charter minibuses available in Seville. From a mini-coach to 16-17 seater one, also minibusses that fit up to 7 passengers and more.

Comfort level and cost are the most common things showing the difference between these two classes. Standard minibusses with comfortable seats and air-conditioning are more convenient for everyday traveling and excursions. Meanwhile, Business Minibus is more likely to be used for business purposes. Therefore, it is perfect for people who look for the most convenient environment (less noise, more comfortable and spacious seats, etc.). As for the cost, the price of a Standard minibus is 14-18% lower compared to Business Minibus.

Private minibusses are more comfortable, flexible, and individualized way of travel in Seville. You can choose the time and destination of your trip. During the trip, you can stop at your favorite places, take photos, meet your partners, etc. Our drivers will wait for you and take care of the route.

Whether it's a basic trip or business travel, private minibusses are more comfortable, flexible, and individualized. You can choose the time and destination of your trip. During the trip, you can stop at your favorite places, take photos, meet your partners, etc. Our drivers will wait for you and take care of the route. You can also save your time and energy, as there is no more need to take different trains and look for vehicles.

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