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The Benefits of Hiring a Bus in Bucharest

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Bus hire in Bucharest

Traveling with a big group of people in Bucharest? Bus rental service in Bucharest is the most comfortable solution for traveling together comfortably and enjoying your trip. Having a private bus with you can visit planned places in Bucharest, your tailor-made itinerary.

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Large fleet of Buses

Discover the perfect bus to accommodate your group with luaggage from our extensive fleet. We offer buses of various sizes, equipped with modern amenities for your comfort. Whether it's a small gathering or a large event, our fleet is ready to provide a seamless and enjoyable journey.

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Safety and Reliability

Our bus drivers are experienced drivers that will guarantee your safety, and our modern buses are reliable and well-furnished to maximum comfort. Book your bus rental with us today and tour around Bucharest in comfort and safety.

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Charter bus hire in Bucharest

To travel around the capital of Romania, large groups of people can rent a bus in Bucharest for comfortable transportation around the city and outside its borders. 8Rental guarantees a high quality of service and favorable terms for hiring coaches, which can accommodate from 9 to 65 and from 25 to 65 passengers. This company has proven itself in the field of bus hire, and the many customers that have ever used its services have been very pleased with the service and work of the staff. Employees of 8rental have a personal approach to each client and are always kind to answer questions and give 

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Affordable bus rental for the voyage in Bucharest

For an even more comfortable and productive journey, 8rental provides services of hiring reliable drivers who safely and successfully transport passengers to the right place. They have the professional skills of driving buses and have been working in this field for many years, so their professional qualities leave no doubt, and tourists can not worry about their safety.

Bucharest is a city with unique architecture, broad boulevards and a considerable number of parks. In recent years plenty of new buildings have been built on its territory, but this place still looks like a big n green park, walking along which each tourist can visit cozy cafes, museums, and theaters. It's great to spend time in such an incredible city and see all its sights and visit the most breathtaking places using the bus rental in Bucharest. Ordering a bus for large touristic companies is the best solution for those who do not want to waste time being in Bucharest.

No matter from which country customers are from, service drivers speak several international languages, which provides even greater convenience for foreign tourists.

Amazing buses for the perfect trip ever

Service buses can travel long distances and not create problems during the trip. Each of them is equipped with the necessary and convenient amenities for the full comfort of each of their tourists’ services. Buses are not only very reliable and safe, but they also have a modern, stylish design and their salons are always clean.

When it comes to discovering the enchanting city of Bucharest, opting for a bus hire service can prove to be a wise decision. This convenient and cost-effective means of transportation offers numerous advantages, making it an ideal choice for travelers and locals alike.

  •     Comfort and Safety: Bus hire services in Bucharest prioritize passenger comfort and safety. Modern buses are equipped with comfortable seating, ample legroom, and air conditioning to ensure a pleasant journey, especially during the city's warm summers. Additionally, professional drivers are well-trained and experienced, ensuring a safe and smooth ride throughout the trip.
  •     Cost-Effectiveness: For group travel, bus hire is an economical option. Splitting the cost among passengers significantly reduces individual expenses, making it a budget-friendly choice compared to other modes of transport. It is especially beneficial for school trips, corporate outings, or group tours.
  •     Customizable Itineraries: Bus hire services offer the flexibility of tailoring the itinerary to suit specific preferences and schedules. Whether it's a city tour, an excursion to historical landmarks, or a day trip to nearby attractions, the bus hire company can create a customized plan that meets the group's needs.
  •     Time Efficiency: Bucharest's public transport system can be time-consuming, especially for large groups. A bus hire service saves time by providing direct transportation and eliminates the need for multiple connections or transfers, ensuring a more efficient exploration of the city.
  •     Bonding and Socializing: Traveling together on a bus fosters a sense of camaraderie among passengers. It allows friends, families, or colleagues to bond and socialize during the journey, creating unforgettable memories together.
  •  Environmental Benefits: Bus hire services contribute to a greener environment by reducing the number of individual cars on the road. By choosing a shared mode of transport, travelers help minimize their carbon footprint, making a positive impact on the city's air quality and reducing overall traffic congestion.

Opting for a bus hire service in Bucharest presents numerous advantages for travelers seeking convenience, affordability, and a memorable experience. From comfortable travel to personalized itineraries, exploring Bucharest has never been easier or more enjoyable. So, whether you're a tourist or a local planning a group outing, consider the benefits of bus hire and embark on a hassle-free adventure through the charming streets of Bucharest.

Questions & Answers

The price we calculate based on your quote includes the transfer by the chosen bus model, the chauffeur’s bus services, city entrance fees, as well as the accommodation and meals for the driver if necessary. Our prices don’t cover the costs of paid parkings. Specify any additional transfers or services you have in the comment box of the reservation quote. Or you can send us an email using the address info@8rental.com to get a customized offer.

Whether you are a professional tour operator or have simply undertaken the responsibility of organizing a tour for a group of tourists in Bucharest, a chauffeur-driven coach rental will be the best decision. It is perhaps the easiest and more reliable way to get around a destination and explore the city. Furthermore, such sort of service allows tourists to personalize their itinerary to involve various stopovers and destinations while working around their unique schedule. Your group of tourists will enjoy the ride while observing the views of Bucharest along the way visiting the most noteworthy tourist attractions, and all this earmarked months beforehand.

Although rideshaders have gained much popularity during the recent year, they have many inconveniences when it comes to traveling with a group. First and foremost, you have to depend on other people’s schedules - definitely not the best condition to enjoy a group tour. Instead, entrusting your group transportation to a rented bus with an expert driver, you can personalize your itinerary with the routes and stops your group wants. Anyway, if you are still interested in ridesharing, you can organize a bus rideshare for a big event on your terms.

Normally, there are no extra stops during the tour unless scheduled otherwise. Short stops for smoking or using the toilet don’t count. For longer tours there's a legal resting period for a driver of 45 minutes every 4.5 hours.

You can conduct the payment via a Visa or Mastercard or you can use our banking account to send the funds. Note that in case of renting within three days of departure, paying on the bank account won’t be available.

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We rented a bus for our event. Very satisfied with the service. The bus was clean, driver was great and helpful. Would recommend 100%

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Highly reliable bus company

Booked a bus for a group of 17 people. We had been burned by another bus company leading up to this, and 8Rental were very efficient and professional.

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Great customer support with the best safe drivers. Very highly recommended and I will use it again.

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What our customers say About Us

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