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Private car hire with driver in Bucharest

Want to travel around Bucharest for a business, leisure or airport trip? 8Rental provides a private car hire with a driver in Bucharest , so you can travel in comfort and safety. Our experienced drivers will take you to every corner of the city in our modern cars, guaranteeing you get to your destination on time. All chauffeurs are professional drivers, giving you peace of mind. Hire a reliable car with a skilled driver today and enjoy your travel.

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Comfortable seats, climate control, audio system safety on your travel


Professional drivers with years of experience reliability on the road


Travel only in the most reliable cars of the world

Car rental with driver in Bucharest

Ordering cars in a reliable service is the best solution for an ideal trip through the incredible and majestic Bucharest. All who want to visit the incredible Bucharest and spend time there well and productively, should order the services of a conscientious car rental with driver company for quick and safe transportation around the city. Chauffeur service in Bucharest photo city 34Here, customers can choose favorite car with driver and make a magnificent trip to one of the most interesting cities in the world. Our service operates at the highest level and is ready to help its customers at any time, as well as to advice on all issues. Car service with driver employs reliable and diligent employees who are ready to provide all possible types of customer support car services in the city of Bucharest.

Car service - traveling over Bucharest is a perfect thing

Bucharest is the main Romanian city and cultural center of the country. It attracts tourists with its rich history, picturesque atmosphere and unusual sights - it has its own Arc de Triomphe and the biggest ever Parliament building on earth. And the main curiosity is Old Bucharest with its narrow streets, churches and historical monuments.

Bucharest - gorgeous place to travel around with the private driver

The modern Romanian capital is a blossoming city with a lot of infrastructure projects that have already significantly changed its ancient appearance. In the past it was called "little Paris", today it is an interesting mix of ancient and new. Here, each can see three-century church, an office building made of glass and steel, and concrete residential buildings of the communist era located next to each other. However, in recent years, Bucharest has essentially Europeanized and has become more fashionable and has renovated the very scary post-Soviet areas thanks to grants from the EU.

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Modern car with driver for unbelievable travel in Bucharest

Customers have the chance to order cars of any class for movement on the streets of the city of Bucharest, in addition, everyone can use the car service by hiring a reliable driver. On the site each traveler can choose a good private car Skoda or Mercedes, there are also cars of three classes: Standard, Business and First class and tourists can choose what suits them most. Our company, anyone has the opportunity to have a good time in such a beautiful city and get a lot of impressions from a productive and interesting excursion. Moreover, the presence of many amenities inside the cabin of each car will make everyone's journey comfortable and cozy.

Car travel around Bucharest with a reliable private driver

Our company offers the car services of professional and punctual drivers who work honestly and conscientiously and always perform their work at the highest level, providing each customer with safe and productive transportation to any direction of Bucharest. The driver not only deals with the transportation of passengers but also is a good helper during a stay in an unfamiliar city. Everyone who plans a trip to this unforgettable and marvelous city for tourist purposes and for business trips can order a car service with a driver.

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Questions & Answers

The car rental quote involves the obligatory fees regarding the criteria of your vehicle reservation. These fees are:
  1. taxes;
  2. the price for the car according to its class and model;
  3. the tour according to the pre-established itinerary.
No paid parking is included in the cost of the tour.

8Rental covers the most attractive and important locations of Bucharest and entire Romania including its cities, airports, docks, stations, etc. Moreover, we can successfully accomplish your on-request further transfers. Please, contact us to get to your desired Spanish destination to enjoy your holiday or make your business tour of utmost effectiveness.

Yes, you can have as many stops as you wish. In the case of daily/hourly tours, there’s no additional price for stops since the cost for the tour is calculated based on how many hours the driver and the car were at your disposal (including all stops, driving, and waiting). However, if you have ordered a one-way transfer, stops for lunch or other purposes will add up the final cost for the tour as waiting time. Only short stops for snacks and restrooms are included in transfers for free.

We strongly recommend hiring a private chauffeured car three to five days in advance your trip to Bucharest. This time frame is enough for us to make certain your desired vehicle will be vacant for you once you arrive in Bucharest. Anyway, if you have a day or even less before getting to Bucharest, you can still get in touch with our booking specialist, and we’ll do our best to take your order.

Booking a car rental with driver in Bucharest is a breeze. Use our virtual booking tool to complete the form and get a precise price for your order. Mind that requesting a quote is completely free. Otherwise, you can email us at to discuss your reservation or anything related to it with our booking team.

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