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The Benefits of Hiring a Minibus in Bucharest

Are you planning a trip around Bucharest with a small group of family or friends? Book our private minibus hire service in Bucharest and enjoy safety, comfort and reliability. From excursions and day trips to airport transfers and business travel, we’ll take you and your group around Bucharest in our well-equipped vehicles with everything you need for a fun, comfortable and safe ride. Book your minibus rental with 8Rental today for group outings, day trips and short holidays. comfort during the trip


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Bucharest is the capital of Romania (about 2 million people), known for its wide shady boulevards, beautiful palaces and the reputation of secular life. It used to be nicknamed Little Paris for the French motives of the best buildings of the city. The Tourist opens in Bucharest a mosaic of different architectural styles, eclecticism. Starting from the Princely Court of the XVth century and ending with the Palace of Parliament built in the era of prosperity of communist power, Bucharest tells a story that is more than 500 years old. Bucharest is a strange and romantic city. It is a place of contrasts and paradoxes, a terrain founded in the center of a broad plain that seems infinite. There are Bucharest music, Bucharest theaters, in which one of the most talented European actors perform. There are also religious and cultural Bucharest. Bucharest combines several cities that live ignoring each other.Minibus rental in Bucharest photo city 34

Minibus Rental in Bucharest

A reasonably reasonable solution for those who are planning a trip to Bucharest is to visit the site of 8rental and book a minibus that making their trip even more fun and productive. Ordering such a service will help everyone to have a great time in Bucharest and visit as many famous landmarks of the city as possible. Here each can order a right minibus from the most famous and reliable world brands. Also, the 8Rental has highly professional drivers and is ready to provide them to its customers to ensure complete safety during the trip.

A Chauffeured Minibus for Perfect Bucharest trip

In the 8renta's car park of minibusses, there is a minibus that able to accommodate from 4 to 8 and from 9 to 24 of people, who will feel perfectly comfortable in modern, clean and well-equipped minibus salons, where everyone will find everything necessary for traveling comfortably. The minibusses of the 8Rental have a presentable appearance and do not cause problems during the excursions since the employees of the service always check all minibusses in the car repair shop. The minibusses are equipped with comfortable seats with active seat belts, curtains for comfort, illumination for reading, air conditioning, and heating, stereo, and audio system.

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Reliable minibus hire  - opportunity to have the best trip

Minibus drivers are always in a good mood and very friendly, they never refuse to help the customers and guarantee fast and safe movement through the streets of Bucharest. They know every little road and are ready to show tourists all the possible places that can be interesting and cause a lot of positive emotions. No matter what the purpose of the trip, with minibus hire service everyone can do all the planned and have a productive time in this incredible Romanian city.

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Questions & Answers

Up to 19 passengers minibus can accomodate in Bucharest. If your group is not big and you need a smaller vehicle, you can choose a seven-seater mini van. A small coach (up to 25 passengers) or midibus ( 25-30) can be perfect for bigger groups.

We usually operate two main types of minibuses renting with drivers in Bucharest: standard and business minibusses. The first option is mainly for everyday traveling with standard necessities. On the other hand, the Business class is more suitable for corporate purposes.

Sure you can. It's possible to rent a minibus with a driver for one week and more for your entire trip in Bucharest. If the destination is far away, the charges of accommodation for a driver will be included in your price.

According to EU rule, the driver is allowed to drive only 9 hours per day, with a break after 4.5 hours. Twelve hours are the total working hours for one driver. If needed, we provide a second driver with additional charges included.

You can visit our website and fill out the form. For booking a trip, you need to provide us with your pick-up address, starting day and time, the number of people, and your trip schedule in Bucharest. After that, our specialists will contact you and offer the best option based on your requirements.

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