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The Benefits of Hiring a Bus in Malmo

Do you wish to travel with a large group around Malmo for an excursion, meeting, city tour or conference? Bus rental in Malmo is your best bet at travelling comfortably and enjoying your trip. Our chauffeurs are experienced drivers that will guarantee your safety, and our modern buses are reliable and well-furnished to maximum comfort. Book your bus rental with us today and tour around Malmo in comfort and safety.

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Preparing to welcome foreign guests to Malmo? Get a quote at 8Rental chauffeured bus rental service and your guests will stay satisfied!

Nowadays organizing tours in Europe is very beneficial. Most people have short vacations and prefer guided tours to explore as much as possible in foreign destinations. If you plan on organizing tours in Malmo, Sweden, you should take care of every detail beforehand. And one of the most important points to consider is transportation. Foreigners, paying for the tour, will expect a comfortable and safe means of personal transport. We suggest leaving that on us. 8Rental, reliable bus rental with driver in Malmo is ready to provide you with a coach of any size you need with an experienced chauffeur on advantageous conditions. Particularly which? Let's find out that straight away! rent car minibus bus malmo bridge

The Bus Rental Service in Malmo to Your Choice

8Rental has set quite an impressive fleet of most various vehicles starting with business class cars to huge tourism coaches. If you are in a search for the latter, you're welcome to our European vehicle supplier. Before you rent a bus with driver, take into consideration such aspects as how many passengers it should nestle, who they are, what specific needs they might have. For instance, your tourists might wish to have hot drinks on the bus or need reading lights. Any wish will be taken into account, be certain. Just remember to state them in the quote. Just the same way, you can order Meet & Greet service when booking a bus. This will mean meeting your guests at the airport or station to take them the necessary direction, let that be their hotel or the nearest attraction sight. Sounds great, doesn't it?
So, consider renting Mercedes Artego, Man Touring Noge, or Iveco Wing if your group of tourists is relatively small - up to 33 passengers. If you need to hire a bigger coach, we are still here with our offer! What about booking Mercedes Tourismo or Man Lions to drive up to 63 passengers?! These are amazing vehicles equipped with everything necessary for your guests to feel comfortable. Any road in Malmo is smooth and fast with 8Rental's coaches.

Skilled Drivers

Another crucial point to watch when hiring a bus in Malmo for a whole group of foreigners is a skilled driver. A not-qualified chauffeur or the one without any impressive experience in transporting passengers can be a potential danger for both you and your guests. With the 8Rental bus rental service in Malmo, this won't threaten you. When hiring a driver, we pay attention to his driving license, experience in the field, his linguistic knowledge (our chauffeurs are bilinguals), and competence as a member of a team cause the entire staff of 8Rental cooperates as one unit to satisfy every client and keep the company's reputation high. Once you are to rent a bus with driver in Malmo, mention which language your driver should master and we shall send a respective car minibus bus malmo build photo

Malmo as Your Next Destination

Being the most culturally diverse city of Sweden, Malmo is a wonderful destination for your tourists traveling in the country. How strange it may seem, a couple of days strolling in the city you will hear a dozen of most diverse languages echoing off the cobbled streets - Norwegian, German, Thai, Arabic, etc. Even though the city is inhabited with only around 300, 000 people, it feels as cosmopolitan. Here your group will explore many sights of historical and cultural importance - galleries, museums, parks, etc. 8Rental bus rental with driver in Malmo would recommend taking your guests to Moderna Museet, a mini version of Stockholm's world-class modern art gallery. If your travelers aren't in a hurry, take them off-the-beaten paths. Form/Design Center and Malmo's man-made sandy beach are worth visiting. And don't worry about the fuel for traveling long distances (it's free for you), or the bus and driver - they will be at your disposal as long as necessary.

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