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8Rental Company provides a coach rental with driver. A professional driver with many years of experience will take you to any corner of the city. All coaches are equipped to the highest standard which allows you to enjoy your ride.


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Our fleet offers only top brand buses. Comfort, Safety and Quality - this is what has made these vehicles the best in their classes. Choose an appropriate vehicle class for you.


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"Fantastic experience. Rented a bus and driver for a day. The driver was very nice, professional and also flexible when our destination slightly changed. The bus was comfortable ..."

Emily Rae

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"My good friend has recommended me 8rental company and I discussed with them our situation. I asked them many questions about the trip and every time had received a calm and detailed answer..."

Ronald Gray

rate 8.1 / 5

"Me and my buddies rented a minivan for my stag party - trip. We got a nice ride and an experienced driver who took us to the best parts of the city..."

M. Poole

rate 5.0 / 5

"I had a great journey with 8rental mini van. The driver and the staf are very helpful during our trip in finland. Thank you.. i will use the service again, next time for another trip ..."

Tina Emilia

rate 4.9 / 5

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The newly established city of Lodz was introduced only in the 19th century when German and Jewish industrialists built large textile factories in the city. Nevertheless, unlike Krakow or Wroclaw, Lodz does not have a large market square surrounded by beautiful baroque pointed buildings. Instead, they are fine examples of often whimsical, sometimes luxurious or neoclassical mansions of manufacturers, merchants, bankers. It is interesting to explore the largest Jewish cemetery in Europe Museum of Art, Museum of History of Lodz White Factory Lyudvika Geylera, Rector's Office of the Lodz University of Technology, Palace Poznan, Cathedral of St. Kostka, House Peters, Europe's largest old industrial complex of Poznań and many other historical and architectural monuments . Lodz provides hospitality to several film festivals. In the past, as is known, Lodz was considered the capital of Polish cinema and today, for fun, the residents call it "GolliLodz".

To get a lot of impressions from visiting the Polish city Lodz, each traveler can use the service of renting modern buses, which is in excellent condition. Another service provides drivers who know the city like no other and will do everything so that the trip is remembered for life. To book a bus before the traveling, each needs to visit the site, choose the option he likes and book a vehicle for a certain date. All this can be done easily and quickly and when the tourists are coming to Lodz they do not really have to worry about anything anymore.

Bus hiring for everyone who dreams about the perfect trip

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Lodz trips on a hired bus with a driver - great idea to use this service in a foreign city

Connecting with our customers on a personal level is crucial for growing our relationships that will retain their loyalty. Due to a wide range of options in the rental industry, we acknowledge that a majority of customers don’t care about having a close relationship with any company's services and it makes sense that those who do care more deeply about the things we stand for we will try to often engage with them. The only thing that is going to enhance this type of relationship is the knowledge that our business is on the same team as them. We wish our customers to see that we do share their beliefs and that we incorporate those beliefs into how we conduct our business. In consequence, we renounced to automatic replies and created a personal approach to every request we receive from our customers.

Bus hiring company in Lodz - the best vehicles 

Each bus is equipped with various amenities for comfortable traveling around the city, whether it's an excursion or a business trip. New and reliable buses can travel throughout Europe without any problems. These vehicles can accommodate from 9 to 65 and from 25 to 65 passengers, so the customers themselves must choose which bus they need to book for traveling around this Polish city. The company for renting buses allows all tourists to get the best service and spend an unforgettable time in Lodz.

A professional bus driver for Lodz trip all over the city

Reliable drivers who work in this service know all directions and roads of the city, so a tour around Lodz will be fascinating, safe and very productive. Every passenger will be able to see all the most interesting and famous sights of this magnificent city. Drivers work very conscientiously and do everything so that every passenger feel confident, comfortable and safe. Each driver has a driver's license and a great driving experience for improving his skills with every new trip. All employees are very conscientious, helpful, attentive and punctual. They can not only quickly and safely transport people, but also have positive personal qualities.

Rent a large and comfortable bus for safe transportation around the incredible Lodz city.

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