Minibus hire in Bydgoszcz, Rent a Van with driver

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Travel in Comfort and Safety.

8Rental Company provides a minibus rental with driver. A professional driver with many years of experience will take you to any corner of the city. All minibuses are equipped to the highest standard which allows you to enjoy your ride.

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Our fleet offers only top brand minibuses. Comfort, Safety and Quality - this is what has made these vehicles the best in their classes. Choose an appropriate vehicle class for you.

Minibus hire in Bydgoszcz, Rent a Van with driver

Ordering a very reliable minivan for a productive journey is the best idea for any tourist who wants to visit Bydgoszcz.

Minibus rental company in Bydgoszcz for a great trip over the city

Passenger transportation provided by this company is carried out on modern comfortable vans that are systematically undergoing technical inspection and maintenance. That is, the likelihood of any problems during the move is minimal, especially if to take into account the fact that there is always an experienced highly skilled driver behind the wheel, which can fix malfunctions on his own.Minibus with driver in Bydgoszcz photo city 14

Bydgoszcz viewing - magnificent trip on hired minivan

An ancient city that is famous for its stormy, rich, long history; beautiful architecture, attractive landscapes and convenient location. However, at the same time Bydgoszcz is not just a medieval city with cobbled streets and turrets, stuck in time centuries ago and is able to offer the traveler only a dive into the mossy past. In modern Poland, this city is developing at almost the fastest pace. Bydgoszcz is full of both historical and modern, no less interesting sights.

Bydgoszcz trip on minivan - unforgettable event of a lifetime

  1. The oldest building in the city is the church of St. Martin and St. Nicholas. Inside, in interiors in the style of rococo and baroque, there is an important Christian shrine: the icon of Our Lady with the Rosa of the 16th century.
  2. The Church of the Holy Trinity was erected in the early 20th century and represents a beautiful Baroque building made of red stone with a bell tower. Inside each can admire the frescoes and the icon of the Mother of God of Częstochowa.
  3. The largest church in the city and one of the largest in Poland - the Basilica of St. Vincent. Inside this monumental church, built in the image and likeness of the Roman Pantheon, can accommodate about 12 thousand people.
  4. One of the most atmospheric places of the city is the restored Melnichny Island. In medieval times it was the center of the production life. Each one can see the storehouses of the 18th century on the island and colorful industrial buildings of the 19th century from red brick, pedestrian bridges and green areas with old chestnuts.
  5. Typical for the architectural appearance of Bydgoszcz in the 19th century is the famous hotel "Pod Orlom". Its beautifully finished façade is made in classical for neobarochnoy architecture style, decorated with wrought iron bars, stucco moldings and stained glass windows.
  6. One of the official architectural symbols of the city is a complex of three former granaries. Being built in the late 19th century, these picturesque half-timbered buildings were used for a while for their intended purpose, and today the exposition is located here.Van rental in Bydgoszcz photo city 50

Amazing journey over Bydgoszcz wit on a classy minivan

Here clients can choose a good minivan of several classes presented on the company's website. These minivans are very reliable and fast, and inside the interior of such cars is always very comfortable and clean. There each traveler can have a good rest and relax, in addition, at the wheel of each of the cars will be a real professional driver.

Minibus driver for perfect excursion ever

The company's drivers are excellent and very experienced workers, they have been working in this service for many years and always know how to make the trip interesting, exciting and productive. Whatever the purpose of the trip, an excursion or a business trip, the service drivers will do their best so that customers can manage to do the planned business or see all the sights.

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