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"Fantastic experience. Rented a bus and driver for a day. The driver was very nice, professional and also flexible when our destination slightly changed. The bus was comfortable ..."

Emily Rae

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"My good friend has recommended me 8rental company and I discussed with them our situation. I asked them many questions about the trip and every time had received a calm and detailed answer..."

Ronald Gray

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"Me and my buddies rented a minivan for my stag party - trip. We got a nice ride and an experienced driver who took us to the best parts of the city..."

M. Poole

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"I had a great journey with 8rental mini van. The driver and the staf are very helpful during our trip in finland. Thank you.. i will use the service again, next time for another trip ..."

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Zaragoza is the capital of the Aragón region and Spain’s fifth largest city. Located south of the Pyrenees, it sits next to Catalunya in the northeast of the country, and is home to a range of fascinating sights, from Roman ruins to magnificent Islamic architecture and a striking Baroque cathedral. There are plenty of places to visit in Zaragoza including, Palacio De La Aljaferia, Iglesia De San Pablo De Zaragoza, Lonja De Zaragoza. When visiting a new city, one will always be looking for places to taste some of the local cuisines. One of the oldest restaurants in Spain, dating back to 1825, Casa Lac was named after a French family that came to settle in the city after the French Revolution. Creating a bakery on the first floor, they turned the second floor into a dining room. Housed in a stunning building, renovated a century later in 1925, Casa Lac has Modernista influences, such as wrought iron staircases and colorful tiles. The top floor, where the restaurant is located, is Elizabethan in style, with patterned wooden floors and beautiful vintage lamps. Today the restaurant is led by chef Ricardo Gil, who creates delicious and delicate plates with an emphasis on fresh vegetables.

If traveling to Zaragoza in a large company with friends or several families the most attractive and efficient way to move around the city and surroundings is to rent a van with a driver. The services could be provided with a chartered chauffeur who will take you anywhere you like during the whole period of the vacation. The rental service is available 24/7, so even if you stay somewhere like a restaurant or a nightclub until a very late time you can always rely on reliable service and exceptional hospitality.Van hire in Zaragoza with driver photo city 78

Here are the steps on how to book our services:

  • Contact our firm’s representative over the email, phone or social media contacts.
  • Tell us what are you up to, what the requirements are and what dates are you traveling to Zaragoza.
  • Receive our respond with some suggestions and quotes.
  • Make the payment.
  • Receive confirmation.

The company guarantees 100% satisfaction of the provided high-class quality service. We are certainly the leaders of this industry in Zaragoza, whereas hundreds of very happy customers were satisfied with the service they have received.

The main advantages.

The strengths of the minivan with a driver rental services are that the cost of the rental could be split among all individuals and eventually will turn as the same amount of money that could be spent on public transport during the day. Apart from that, travelers should not worry about not being acquainted with the lack of streets and routes knowledge. This is going to be the job of a driver who will take you whatever destination you wish to go. Additionally, you will not have to face aggressive driving and worry about parking and the chauffeur will give you maximum support in planning daily drives for optimizing the time during the journeys. More importantly, you will never be responsible for driving incidents, which will guaranty the most pleasant stay in the city.

The fleet of highly - comfortable vehicles.

There are lots of vehicles in our fleet that may satisfy the requirements of highly sophisticated clients. The range of minibusses includes all the major brands and customers are to decide how large the van should be. Normally it starts with a capacity up to ten seat vehicle and up to a couple of dozens or even more. Each van will include all the major features such as:

  • Lightning
  • Air conditioning
  • Stereo systems
  • TVs
  • Safety features

Upon our clients request the VIP transport is also available to be provided. It might include a van of a prestige brand, leather seats, a more spacious interior and even wi-fi if the request is sent in advance.

Organizing transfer.

By making a booking o a minivan with 8rental, a driver will be ready to pick you up from the place of arrival. It either going to be the airport or a train station in Zaragoza. Right from this moment, you all will start to save money and taking into account that there will be lots of you the savings on the transfer will be substantial. At the end of the vacation, whether it shall be a day or several days all the group will be taken back to the place of departure. (you need only to state in your booking request)

Traveling in Zaragoza in a minibus driven by a highly-experienced driver

The driver will also serve you as a guide helping you to carefully plan the drive, give you suggestions where to eat during the excursions, also 

Minibus rental in Zaragoza with chauffeur photo city 89when the attractions are opened to the public and what else you can do in a timetable particular area. Moving around the city will be organized with ease as all the drivers can give you a thought after the advice of where to go and in which order to visit the city's attractions. Drivers can perfectly express themselves in English and in a few other languages as well as speaking perfect Spanish 

Questions & Answers

There are three factors that cost of renting a minibus with a driver in Zaragoza depends on:
  1. Bus’s capacity: 7 seater, 19 seater, 25 seater and more in Zaragoza
  2. Hourly charge: The cost will depend on amount of service hours you may need: 4h/8h/10h/12h
  3. Distance in Spain: In case you need transfer to leave city to the other one, the cost will depend on number of kilometers: 50/100/200 km
Open the and get the price in Zaragoza!

There are different charter minibuses with different number of seats. Usual bus’s capacity in Zaragoza is approximately 19 seats depending on the model and manufacturer. Its capacity can be from 6 to 60 seats. Usually, different bus companies in Zaragoza provide buses with these capacities:
  1. 6-7 seater Mini Van
  2. 16-19 seater Mini Bus
  3. 35-40 seater midi Coach
  4. 50-55 seater Bus

There are only three easy steps to hire minibus for your trip around Zaragoza:
  • First of all, specify your pick-up and drop-off addresses in Zaragoza, type of vehicle and contact details.
  • Secondary, our customer service operator will answer you with a quote for your trip via email.
  • Thirdly, you will have to confirm reservation in Zaragoza with a deposit.

There are three factors that affect the price of renting a bus in Zaragoza for a week:
  1. First factor is number of passengers. Bus’s capacity in Zaragoza can be 7/19/25 seater and more.
  2. Second one is hourly rate: the amount of hours you need to use the bus 4/8/10/12 hours in Zaragoza
  3. Third one is option if you need transfer to another city in Spain. In this case number of kilometers affect the price: 50/100/200 km

Usually, bus companies in Zaragoza provide vehicles with capacity:
  1. 6-7 seater Mini Van
  2. 16-19 seater Mini Bus
  3. 35-40 seater midi Coach
  4. 50-55 seater Bus

Our customer service operator will send you a message with an acceptable price for your trip via email

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